Location Sound Recordist Tel: – 07931676488
Born: 21/08/1972 Nationality: British
UK Passport Holder
US I Visa Holder till OCT 2018
ESTA Approved
Immunised for foreign travel.
Member of the Institute of Professional Sound

Member of SABSOUND

Having travelled worldwide as a Sound Recordist, I am a practical, resourceful, and adaptable member of any team. Used to the rigors of travel and shooting in Extreme Environments, adapting quickly to the situation, and solving unforeseen challenges I can always get good sound

I am specialised in location sound recording and mixing; managing radio frequencies, multiple mics, Stereo recordings and audio for multi camera set ups. I always go that extra mile.

Equally at home with high end and important clients such as The Prime Minister, CEO’s of corporate companies, or 500 strong choirs at the Tate Modern. I am smart, polite and friendly enough to make those clients feel at ease and give their best performance.
When working within a small team, I have a can-do attitude, skills and experience to turn my hand to most tasks on site, be it, lighting, communications, logistics, technical support, transport etc.

Sound Recordist Broadcast Credits:
The 1900 Island Living History Documentary BBC Wales / BBC 2

Nazi Megastructures Series 4 / 5 and Specials
Nat Geo

Drain the Ocean Series 1 and 2
Nat Geo

Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites BBC1

Diana Bedlam Prods Doc.

Wonders of the Universe (Egypt) BBC 1 Science Doc

Size Matters BBC 4/

Brave New World Series (UK and Europe) Channel 4 Science Doc

The Wedding Day Channel 4

Railroad Alaska: US Discovery (Destination America)

Superhumans 10 Episodes (Europe, US, South America, Thailand, Vietnam) History Chanel

Freaks of Nature: Entire 12 episode series (US and Europe) The Weather Channel Doc

Other Notable Productions
The Bridge TATE Modern reopening Tate Modern
Last man Standing (Papa New Guinea / Senegal / Mexico) BBC2/Discovery Ob Doc
BBC National Portrait BBC 1
Grand Designs Channel 4
Don’t tell the bride Channel 4
Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Channel 4
Seconds from Disaster 2 episodes Nat Geo
Great British Food revival 3 BBC 2
Dara Obrien’s Science Club BBC 2
Live like a… Beaver National Geographic Nature Doc
How drugs work (cannabis / Cocaine/ heroin) BBC3 Science Doc
Great British Food Revival (Michel Roux, Hairy bikers, Studio)) BBC2
The Spear of Christ. National Geographic. History Doc
Man Eaters: Big Cats India Tigress / Five / Animal Planet
River Cottage Hugh’s Chicken Run Keo Channel 4
The Da Vinci shroud Pioneer/ Discovery/ Five
Naked Science Great Lakes/ Stephen Hawking/ Diamonds Discovery/ Nat geo

D-day – `The Raw Recruits’
SAS Scotland `Are You Tough Enough 1’
SAS Jungle `Borneo’
SAS Desert `Namibia’
Spymasters and Spymaster US

Corporate Clients Include:
Sony, McLaren, M & C Saatchi, Conservative Party-Political Broadcast
Lloyds, Halifax, MARKS AND SPENCER, BAA.

Additional Skills:
Live Event Audio
Streaming Audio7
Experience with Alexa, Red Scarlet and Epic cameras.
Extreme Environment filming experience I.e. Civil unrest / Jungle/ Desert / Artic / Altitude / Naval / Covert filming
Significant experience in mini-cam installation on vehicles.
Body camera systems.
Good All rounder skills, lighting, generator power, communication equipment, grip, crane construction. Competent 4×4 driver.
Carnet and equipment travel
Basic First Aid

Sophie Taylor Company Director – 0207 494 9845 sophie@taylormademedia.tv
Mark Hammond – Cameraman – 07798828308 mark@markhammond.tv
Jeremy Jeffs – Director – 07980555993 jeremy@magnetofilms.com
Alexis Girardet Director– 07802523655. alexisgiradet@gmail.com
Marc Tiley – 07796405873 marc_tiley@yahoo.co.uk

I own extended Full PSC sound kits, inc Sound Devices, Zaxcom and Nagra Digital Audio hard drive recorders; Radio microphone equipment with a mix of Worldwide and UK, frequency’s; A full complement of Timecode Systems; Stereo and mono Microphone; Director’s audio monitor links.